If you have a set of brand names being considered for regulatory submission - we offer a Name Safety Testing methodology called the Power of 3™ that will evaluate those names according to the Agency's Regulatory Guidelines. 

Power of 3™ Methodology data collection surveys:  

Initial Brand Name Review (PreMark Survey

  • SA/LA Assessment generating names using database search based on Scope of work up to 23 databases

  • Promotional Review

  • Word Construction 

  • Additional Questions

Prescription Simulation 

(RxSim Survey)

  • Verbal Orders​

  • Handwritten Orders

  • Electronic Orders 

  • Follow Up Questions

  • Promotional Evaluation

Safety & Commercial Testing (ProMark Survey)

  • SA/LA or Associations

  • Overall Impression

  • Ease of Pronunciation

  • Fit to Category

  • Fit to Concept

  • Attribute Evaluation

  • Favorite Choice​

Promotional Evaluation

(Stand-Alone Survey)

  • Associations

  • Fit to Category

  • Effectiveness

  • Safety

  • Prescribing Intent

  • Superiority

Our Power of 3 Methodology includes a Proactive Risk Assessment which utilizes SafeMark's Name Safety Tools to prioritize the name candidates based on regulatory risk level. 

Name Safety Testing Tools...

  • Degree of Similarity - using FDA POCA's System algorithm

  • Word Construction Analysis

  • Percent Derivation

  • Name Pair Analysis

  • Handwriting Analysis 

  • Failure Modes & Effects Analysis (FMEA) Survey 

Power of 3 Methodology applies to the following types of products

Prescription Drug Products

Nonprescription or OTC Products

Animal Drug Products

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