Our Mission

To continue to grow and navigate the regulatory landscape of proprietary and nonproprietary name review and be the gold standard in name safety testing.  

Our Core Values

Innovation - Be creative and seize opportunities to grow as a business!

Collaboration - We strive to be a part of the team and be accountable for our roles and responsibilities.

Integrity - We will ensure honesty and transparency in everything we do.

Passion - We have an unyielding drive to do our best.

Our Leadership


Clayton began his branding career in 1993 at Addison Whitney, where he accumulated comprehensive industry knowledge while creating some of the world’s most memorable brands, including Advair, Lexapro, Macugen, and Restasis. Quickly rising to become Addison Whitney’s President & Chief Executive Officer, Clayton grew the company into one of the top ten branding agencies in the world.  After selling Addison Whitney to a large healthcare conglomerate and working through the transition, Clayton left with the goal of revitalizing the agency-client relationship and reengineering the branding process with a new methodology designed to provide world-class branding solutions.

He started SafeMark Regulatory Consulting to provide the industry with an Agency that can provide transparent data-driven name safety testing for global brands. 

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Dyan’s 20+ years of unique experience and education in pharmacy and law provides clients with a practical, regulatory, or scientific review of proposed proprietary and nonproprietary name candidates undergoing evaluation for regulatory submission.  


As President of SafeMark, she leads the team and provides our clients with a practical review of each name candidate undergoing evaluation for health care offerings.  Previously at Brand Institute (BI), and Drug Safety Institute (DSI), a subsidiary of BI, Dyan provided expert advice for global healthcare clients in brand strategy, regulatory, market and safety research.  For almost a decade, she served both internal and external roles. 


Dyan develops methodologies reflecting trends and the regulatory guidelines of U.S., Canadian, European, and Asian agencies. Over the years, she has successfully worked with clients on unique assignments such as creating a study in response to a regulatory rejection, developing a comparison study for OTC product naming, conducting a public health study to explore dual proprietary naming and designing trade dress research.  She is available for speaking engagement and training seminars on name safety testing.   You may contact Dyan directly at dyan@safemarkconsulting.com.   

Clayton Tolley

Chief Executive Officer 

Dyan Rowe Davis

B.S. Pharm., RPh. J.D


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